My Fav 5: Easy Vegan Cheese Recipes To Totally Satisfy

March 2019

A plant-based life isn’t cheeseless. But I definitely thought it was. For the first few months of my transition, I tried my hand at multiple store-bought plant-based cheese options, but they were all… semi hit or miss, meh. My conclusion? Bite the bullet. You’ll live a cheeseless life, but you’ll live.

Then I came across the idea that I could make this stuff.


Endless guilt-free easy recipes. No more expensive plastic packages. Fresh tasting, gooey AND sliceable satisfaction. So if you’re ready to give the vegan cheese making world a try, here are some awesomely easy recipes to make your tastebuds happy! 


Nothing like that melty and gooey cheesiness on some pizza. I love this recipe because it’s made with just 7 ingredients, and browns beautifully! And yes, it’s yummy 😉

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker


I love topping this all over my noodles and meatballs! It’s the perfect sub for anything that calls for parmesan cheese! This totally enhances any dish, and best of all, it’s super fast and easy to make.

Photo Credit: One Green Planet


Cheese and crackers here we go! There’s really nothing like making cheese and slicing it like the real deal…you gotta try this. Get creative—the variations are endless! Remember to use agar agar powder, that’s what does the setting 😉

Photo Credit: Loving It Vegan


Alright guys! Get out those spiralized veggies and pour this sauce on thick. Or use it for a plant-based alfredo lasagna with tons of yum veggies. #win

Photo Credit: Downshiftology


This super simple, appetizer crowd-pleaser is sure to get you excited! Super satisfying and the herbs take this to another level!

Photo Credit: Exceedingly Vegan


I planned to share just five–hence the title of this post 🙂 But! I just had to throw in this bonus because it’s an easy mozerella cheese recipe that doesn’t require plant-based yogurt. So if you still want a pizza cheese that browns and stretches, and you don’t have plant-based yogurt on hand, give this one a try!


I just can’t stop myself! Here’s another bonus…my Plant-Based Nacho Cheese. You can thank me later! 

Photo Credit: One Green Planet

Making plant-based cheese is a healthier option than dairy cheese, and gets the creative juices flowing. And it doesn’t have to be less tasty–not for a minute. So try one of these! Make it your own by maybe adding in some extra herbs 😉

Have fun! Comment below to tell us about your plant-based cheese making adventure.

Thank God a plant-based life is cheese-filled too!  

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