8 Top Tips On How To Transition To A Plant-Based Diet: Expert Hacks 

Wanna go plant-based but don’t know how?

You read informative articles, watch inspirational YouTube videos, and pin salivating plant-based recipes. You share your wish with anyone willing to listen.

Still, you have nothing to show for it.

As much as you want a success story, you doubt it. Eating like a seasoned plant-based pro feels out of your league.

What if you could peek into their stash of wisdom to win? See their holy grail tips to transition and stay on a plant-based diet?

Today is your day. Because I’m about to spill the tea.

Enjoy these 8 tried-and-true gems from my plant-based squad, just for you. They’re so easy, you’ll wanna start now!

Let’s dig in.


#1 Eat Simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. Gourmet substitutes are not necessary.

Spare yourself the drama and keep it simple. Food blog pictures are gorgeous, but no one is forcing you to have a gourmet meal every day. Give yourself a break.

Train your taste buds to appreciate food in its most natural state, and you’ll save time and money. A plate of raw veggies, hummus, and a baked sweet potato is satisfying and nutritious. No need to spend money on specialty packages or time on complicated recipes.

Find what works for you, and keep the lavish meals for special occasions. And if you get a gourmet looking plate with a simple meal, then you’ve double scored.

Action Plan:

Pick two go-to meals with simple ingredients and little meal prep.

#2 Connect with like-minded people you can learn from.

Choose a mentor(s). Hello Choosing My Health! Yep, just did a shameless plug but it’s for your own good. Use the resources around you. You become what you surround yourself with. Birds of a feather flock together. Strategically choose like-minded friends  to support your journey. Join networks to learn from others. Social media groups, apps, meet-ups, blogs–all of this equals brain power and fuels exponential growth.

Action Plan:

Join a network and create plant-buddy relationships. Browse resources.

#3 Temptations come, but always have a backup plan in mind. 

Options outsmart dumb decisions. My backup plan for BBQ Beef is to remind myself of the antibiotics, chemicals, steroids, and fecal matter fed to cows.

Stops me every time.

Temptations are real. But, you can prepare yourself to win every time, with a solid backup plan. For example, tempted to eat the dairy ice cream in your fridge? Throw it out. Don’t buy it again. Always have a hard time passing by your fave fast food chain? Go another way. Find an alternate place with healthier, tastier options. Strategize. Win.

Action Plan:

Write out your top temptations and a simple backup plan for each.

#4 Manage your home environment.

Clean out your pantry and fridge. Only allow what you won’t regret eating later.

Your personal space should be the easiest place to stay on track. Create a healthy haven. Stock your fridge with colorful eye-candy produce and delicious foods, not junk. Organize your pantry with transition satisfying plant-based goodies, not glucose-spiking snack cakes.

If you must, post goal reminders and empowering quotes on your kitchen wall. Create a vision board to point you in the right direction. Use your home as your personal plant-based charging pad.

Action Plan:

Clean out and restock your pantry and fridge. 

#5 Enjoy the beauty and the abundance God gives us in eating plant-based foods.

Variety is key for proper nutrition, and kicks boredom to the curb.

The plant-based kingdom has a plethora of delicious foods to choose from.

Try your hand at something new. Usher in a vast of array of nutrients and prevent your plate from becoming stale!

Action Plan:

Change up your routine and purchase a new item–an exotic fruit, an unfamiliar veggie, often. Embrace the new!

#6 Don’t tell non-vegans, you’re going vegan. Avoid unnecessary scrutiny.

Yes, you’re excited you’ve come this far on your plant-based journey. But truth is, not everyone is happy about your choice. So be careful who you share it with.

If you’re not prepared, they may turn it into an argument to score ego-points and squash your joy.

Differing perspectives can be healthy to develop convictions. However, sometimes keeping decisions to yourself avoids unnecessary stress and scrutiny.

Be wise. Share with those with a growth mindset. They’ll celebrate your health goals regardless of different dietary choices.

Action Plan:

Share with the right person. Keep it to yourself until the time is right.

#7 Get the right tools. Invest in a Pressure Cooker.

A plant-based diet should be as healthy as it is time freeing. It shouldn’t become this time-sucker where every meal is a dreaded multiple hour stove-top experience. The key is finding simple solutions to do a lot of the work for you.

Enter the pressure cooker.

And my fave at the moment: the Instant Pot.

These pots slash cooking time, preserve food nutrient value, and have multiple cooking functions. Wouldn’t be gratifying to make a delicious stew for the week, in 30 minutes or less?!

Action Plan:

If you haven’t already, invest in a pressure cooker!

#8 Become truly plant-based. Don’t be dependant on soy-based products.

Veggie meat is not the answer. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy.

While faux meat (aka. veggie meat) help some transition into the meatless world, it can become a sorry crutch in the end. The high sodium content and additives make it a slippery slope toward hypertension and unwanted health complications.

Don’t become a veggie meat-aholic (yep, I just made that up) to satisfy old cravings with processed substitutes. Learn to enjoy clean cuisine. No preservative laced items drawing heavy metals from a tin can. No frozen items with a paragraph of ingredients with names you can’t pronounce.

Remember, even cookies can be vegan and still be unhealthy. Choosing healthy over vegan wins every time.

Action Plan:

Use discretion. Read labels. Stick to true plant-based foods that are healthy. Rule of thumb, if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.

All of these tips have one word in common: action. Action produces plant-based success! Every plant-based veteran began as a newbie. Will-power is your superpower. Sure, an Instant Pot makes life easier, but ultimately, it’s your drive to say yes that will keep you on the journey.

Your commitment is your golden ticket to victory.

If you use these practical tips, not even the sky’s the limit!

Happy Eating!

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  1. Linda

    Melissa, thank you for the words of encouragement and the advice on making wise food choices. I first saw you on Chef AJ. Thank you for sharing your journey and sharing your pitfalls. I have been meat, fish and dairy free for three months. I don’t miss meat but I do miss cheese😱. I made your cheese recipe and I really enjoyed it. I’m praying 🙏🏾 that Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners won’t be too difficult. I plan to eat the vegetables and potatoes. Thanks again and may God continue to bless you and your family.

    • Melissa Webster

      You can do it Linda! Just take it one step at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself. Progress over perfection is the goal! Cheering you on!!

  2. Edna Mackey

    Just completed my first month PBWF! I never dreamed I could do this and never dreamed I would feel so good!! It is happening! Thank you for your encouragement and wonderful ideas that you share! I appreciate it all!

    • Melissa Webster

      Look at you, Edna! Keep it up honey! Greater is ahead. It is my pleasure to help you on this journey 🙂

  3. Suzie

    So glad I found you, 10 yrs ago could have used all this information, it’s all coming back to me now. 1 week down!

    • Melissa Webster

      Glad we found each other, Suzie ☺️ Blessings on your health journey!

  4. mary lee

    Thanks for the tips, Yes I need things to be simple. Still working on this dairy its the cheese fight..praying it will get better!!! Thank God I do Love Vegetables of all kind, just have to master keeping them excited.

    • Melissa Webster

      You’ve got this, Mary! Cheering you on!

  5. Tatiana Williams

    I’m 3 weeks in and am looking forward to this lifestyle change.

    • Melissa Webster

      Keep going! You can do it!!!

  6. Karen Craven

    Thank you for the 8 tips! I bought an instant pot and am using it a lot. So easy for soups, sweet potatoes and big batches of steel cut oats. Trying out a few hummus recipes and enjoying with raw veggies. I definitely keep my meals and recipes simple. Thank you!

    • Melissa Webster

      There you go, Karen! I love my instant pot. And you’re so right…simple meals win every time.


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