Celebrating those who said, I’m Choosing My Health!

It’s not a destination. It’s a journey we walk everyday. It starts with just one step. You can take it, too. Join us!

Gave us the tools we needed to go plant based for good!

Choosing my health offers the most cutting edge resources for living a plant based diet that we’ve ever found! Melissa’s videos are super practical, inspiring and helpful and gave us the tools we needed to go plant based for good! It’s also so convenient that her website has a shopping list already created so you can get all the key necessities for your kitchen to begin the switch to plant based today! Finally I absolutely love the emails with the free gift which provides relevant tips and fun ways to make the switch like a boss!!


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I have shared and recommended this page many times

I have shared and recommended this page many times because you have addressed many questions of beginners to [the] vegan [journey] or those thinking of embarking on this healthy way of living. Thank you for the work and dedication to this😍.


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Great Recipe Ideas

Great recipe ideas!! We are trying to eat healthier and we need as much help as we can get.


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Simple solutions centered on whole foods

Melissa’s expertise on wellness is bar none. She encourages me to live healthily and to give my body what it truly needs and deserves with good food and exercise. My vitamin D levels were severely deficient and she educated me about some ways to improve it. Now, my levels are normal and I feel so much better! Plus, I have a wealth of knowledge on how to maintain it with simple solutions centered on whole foods. Thanks, Melissa. I’m finally choosing my health!


Her zeal for the “right kind of food ” is like a blazing candle

Melissa Webster is very inspirational in the work she does concerning health and wellness. Time spent with her is time well spent! Melissa introduced me to the pleasure of certain foods and the health benefits of them. Next, she allowed me to smell the aroma of the food she prepared and the best part was sitting and enjoying the meal that was delicious and nutritious.

The experience of being with Melissa is one I will never forget. Her zeal for the “right kind of food ” is like a blazing candle lighting others who are in the dark about how wonderful food can be when you take time to know the benefits, enjoy the preparation and aromas and taste the amazing flavor along with friends and family conversations!

I highly recommend Melissa Webster! Because of Melissa I have changed, “a step at a time ” my eating habits!


Her coaching is worth its weight in gold

Melissa’s intuition can’t be beat and her warmhearted personality only makes her experience and thoughtful advice even more valuable; her coaching is worth its weight in gold. Don’t miss out on connecting with this woman; she has the ability to change your life!


Great health is her passion

You’re not just another consumer, but someone Melissa genuinely cares for and wants to help. With that kind of motivation behind you, you can do anything. Even better, great health is her passion and what she offers works.


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